Do you want to participate? 

— Registration form —

For your registration you have to fill in a registration form. This registration form can be found here :

You can registrate yourself (individual) or a group (five or more persons). When the form is correctly filled in, we will mail you for further information (payment method, confirmation of your registration or in the case that you register a whole group, we give you an additional document where you can apply for a group).

We would like to ask to fill in the registration form completely!!

Deadline for registration is Friday 23/02/2018 11:00 pm. We intend to publish the initial starting list the week before the competition which will be sent to you or the coaches (if you have subscribed for a group) and will be posted on the facebook page and in the event. When published, we would like to ask you to check the starting list and report any errors.

Remark: Participants have to be 18+.

We are really looking forward to see you on Saturday 10th of March!